RHA Benevolent Fund offers support to redundant HGV drivers

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, businesses and organisations all over the world have had to change their processes and procedures. The RHA is no exception and it has been working hard to give members the best possible deals at a very difficult time.

The RHA Benevolent Fund is the latest service for members that has seen some changes.

For those members who have had to make drivers redundant, RHA have an offer that will help them get back on their feet – a free day’s Driver CPC to help keep their skills up to date or an HGV driver medical if they need to renew their licence whilst getting back into work.

If this applies to you and you think it would help your ex-employees, please let them know about this offer. They need to apply through the RHA Benevolent Fund which will fund the CPC or medical.

RHA Benevolent Fund chairman, Jim French MBE said: “This is a completely new concept for the Fund. We are living in unprecedented times since the advent of COVID-19 and the trustees wanted to initiate measures to help those in our industry who were struggling as a result.”

The offer

Former members’ drivers can apply for a day’s Driver CPC training with our own, expert team of trainers, based in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Peterborough. We have dates available between October and December. Alternatively, they can book a free D4Drivers HGV driver medical which they can take at one of D4Drivers’ 85 UK sites.

How to apply

The process is straightforward – go to the Benevolent Fund page on the RHA website www.rha.uk.net and complete the application form and either email or post it back. They will reply to confirm approval and provide booking details.

RHA enforce strict and clear social distancing at all its training sites. It provides and offers face masks on request. All D4Drivers’ doctors wear protective mask and gloves for clinics, replacing them for every medical they carry out. Attendees must wait outside the clinic venue (or in a car if within view of the clinic) prior to the appointment if suitable space is not available inside the venue. They will specify this information on the booking confirmation.


Benevolent Fund

The RHA Benevolent Fund was established to support employees or former employees of members or the Association, who have suffered financial hardship. This is a completely new venture for the Fund – previously it has purely responded to the claims received and has not publicised any form of support other than that above.